FREE POS – A fairy tale that doesn’t exist.

“Nothing in life is free.” That’s something we’ve all heard time and time again. And it still applies to “Free POS” offers that many merchants sign up for. However “Free POS” is really just a sales pitch. There is one major POS provider that many merchants believed to have offered “free pos,” however, that’s not the case when you really take a look at the offer.

What merchants receive is a POS system, which includes an All in One Touch Screen Unit, with a credit card swiper, cash box, and receipt printer. The merchant is required to sign a 36 month contract with the “Free POS” provider. Over these 36 months, the merchant will NOT physically pay a monthly bill for the hosting of the software, 24/7 tech support, or the cost of the hardware. The merchant however IS paying for the hardware, software and tech services through monthly deductions directly out of their deposited credit card funds via the credit card processing.

With “Free POS” the merchant must process credit cards through the POS provider offering the “Free POS.” Therefore, approximately $80 per station per month is being directly deducted from the merchants credit card funding, resulting in the misconception that the merchant is not paying for their pos system, and using a “free pos” system. To get started the customer must pay for the shipping of the software, which to Hawaii, can be quite costly, other than that, there is no out of pocket costs to get started. Additionally, the rates and fee’s the merchant is paying for processing credit cards through this “free pos” provider, aren’t usually the most competitive, so the merchant may be paying higher processing rates then necessary, again, not saving you any money. All in all, this is not “free pos” as you’re still paying at least $80 per month, per pos station, PLUS you’re locked into processing credit cards with this provider for at least 3 years. To terminate your contract, you’re required to pay the pos provider in full the remaining balance on your system, which can put a major dent in your cash flow.

Well here’s some good news… ProTouch Systems offers “FREE POS!” but better with more benefits!

Here’s how… With the Restaurant Manager POS Software, we will put together the appropriate POS system needed for your location, including software, hardware, on site installation, programming of the software, networking, etc… You have the choice of selecting one of the directly integrated credit card processors that comes with the Restaurant Manager POS software. By doing so, there is no monthly 3rd party software fee to process with an “outside” credit card processor. In working with our leasing partner, you will negotiate a term lease with varying payment options starting from 12 months up to 60 months depending on the time your business has been open, as well as a standard credit application. Your upfront costs are very limited and only include two months payment down at closing. For instance, if your monthly payments come out to $100 per month, your initial upfront costs will only be $200. You may also setup your monthly payments to be directly debited from your bank account, resulting in no monthly bill.

Unlike the “free pos” there are a number of benefits that come with our lease to own option. This includes a tax deduction for the length of the term, no pre-payment penalty, an early buy out discount, add on options (in the event you want to expand your POS system in the future), and most importantly free up cash flow!

And unlike many pos providers, including the “free pos” company, ProTouch Systems is locally based in Hawaii providing 24/7/365 live tech support and on site tech support as needed. Live, local, personalized.

Based in Hawaii, we provide responsive and immediate 24/7 technical support and on site services to keep your location up and running allowing you to focus on other aspects of the business. When we talk about customer support we are not just referring to “break/fix” service. We are able to answer any questions and provide recommendations of how to apply the most effective features of your POS Systems to your business, along with a number of our other services guaranteed to cut operational costs. ProTouch Systems will personally assist you in implementing a complete plan that can greatly increase the value of your business. We will back you up with already proven solutions that can transform your business.

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