Does my POS System have “Offline Mode?” – Questions to consider when buying a POS system

Operating in Offline Mode may save thousands of dollars, here’s why.

This 4th of July weekend on the island of Maui, there was a vast brushfire that essentially shut down the one and only road going to and from the West Side for practically the entire day on Saturday. This is Island life. Due to the severity of the fire, most customers on that side of the island lost their Internet connection, some locations lost power, and experienced power surges for hours/several days.

No internet at the restaurant on a Saturday night?! No Internet the entire holiday weekend?! With dozens and dozens of popular restaurants in this area, having no internet to connect your POS System to process credit cards is going to be a major issue wreaking havoc on the staff and inconveniencing your guests. Several restaurants operating without Restaurant Manager POS actually comped their guests entire meals, which most likely resulted in thousands of dollars of comped/lost revenue.

One of the best features available in the Restaurant Manager POS Software is the “Offline Mode” functionality. This allows restaurants to swipe the credit card through the POS system, as usual, printing the guest check and credit card receipt for signature by the customer. The POS System will store the encrypted (PCI Compliant) credit card info in the system until the Internet connection is restored. Once the Internet connection is available, managers will then be able to submit the credit card transactions that were swiped during offline mode.

There is, of course, the chance that there may be a declined credit card in the offline batch, however you can continue to resubmit the card until the transaction does process successfully, days/weeks later. You can also always call the credit card processor for a voice authorization, especially on checks that are higher dollar amounts.

In addition to being able to swipe credit cards through the system in Offline Mode, the Restaurant Manager POS system will operate as normal without Internet in terms of orders being sent to the kitchen properly, keeping track of all food and beverage sales, time keeping for your staff, and all other standard functions of the system, resulting in seamless operation of the pos system at your restaurant.

Having the Offline Transaction Mode for credit card processing within the Restaurant Manager POS software is a life saver! And money saver! Don’t miss out on lost revenue and avoid a frustrated staff due to a lapse in your internet connection.