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On all new deployments support is included in the software subscription, giving you access to real, U.S. based employees via phone, email, and web 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Like support, software updates and new feature releases are included in the software subscription, so you'll always have the most up-to-date software and newest features powering your restaurant.

With SkyTab you get POS software, hardware, installation, and support services for a minimal monthly fee — and it costs you nothing out of pocket to get started. We do however suggest investing in a battery backup/power conditioner in the event of any power outages or power surges so as to protect your hardware from electrical damage. CAT5 ethernet cabling and wiring installation is NOT included and is billed separately if needed.

On site installation is scheduled with our on-boarding team. There is no charge for on site installation of POS hardware. Ethernet cabling/wiring is not included. However, we do offer custom wiring packages. We’ll discuss that with you during our complementary business analysis.asiest transition and best possible go-live experience. We charge for implementation in order to provide a customized experience that will ensure your restaurant's success.

You’ll reach out direct to our 24/7 support team and we’ll gather the details in order to swap out your equipment, as our POS and Payment equipment comes with a Lifetime Warranty as long as you are actively processing with Shift4.

Shift4 Payments handles the credit card processing for all of our customers, providing a better, more integrated point of sale experience.

The reason that we insist on acting as the processor for our customers is it allows us to offer unique POS features and functionality. Take advantage of our free equipment offerings and receive competitive processing rates. Shift4 Payments enables you to accept all major credit and debit cards as well as emerging payment types like EMV chip cards and NFC Mobile payments. If you are already processing credit and debit card payments, we can perform a complementary rate review ensuring you receive the best rates available.

The POS terminals are hardwired, so they do not need wifi at all. In addition, our systems offer an automatic offline mode, so your terminals and handheld devices will be functional even when you lose internet connection. Once the internet is restored, your offline transactions will be automatically submitted with no interruption to service.

Certain hardware is compatible with our POS Systems, but we strongly advise against using your own hardware even if it is compatible, because it prevents us from supporting any equipment not purchased through Shift4. We do not simply ship out hardware, we spend time configuring each device so it is optimized for the SkyTab POS setup allowing us to have remote access if needed for any technical support. In addition, only our hardware comes with a lifetime warranty as long as you process credit card payments with Shift4 Payments.

The Point of Sale Platforms Powering the Most Successful RestaurantsWhy ProTouch Systems

  • Easy-to-use software that can scale with your business
  • Hardwired terminals and offline mode so nothing slows you down
  • Cloud-based reports accessible in real-time
  • Curbside and Delivery payments solutions with digital receipt
  • Competitive rates tailored for your business type
  • Beautifully designed hardware that withstands rigors of the restaurant environment


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