Why you are losing money with a cash register.

Still Using a Cash Register? Five Reasons to Implement a POS System at Your Restaurant

If you’re still using a cash register for your Hawaii restaurant, you’re most likely doing yourself and your customers a disservice. But is a POS system worth the investment?  

Here are five reasons you should choose a POS system for your bar or restaurant.

#1: Better Data for Better Decisions

Which menu item generates the most sales?  Which beverage is the least popular with your customers? How many cases of spinach are in your inventory? With a cash register, it’s almost impossible to tell.  If you’re using a pen-and-paper method or a spreadsheet to answer these questions, you already know how time-consuming and error prone these are.  Our POS system gives you incredible insight into your business so you can make the best decisions possible. Our software provides automatic email delivery of sales, financials, employee activity and labor for payroll reporting, comparative reports, and item sales. We customize your system to give you all the data you need, quickly and accurately.

#2: Open the Door to More Customers

In the highly competitive restaurant business, you want to draw in as many customers as possible. If you are running a cash only restaurant, you are missing out on more customers by limiting their payment options. Accepting more types of payment allows you to welcome more customers.  Since Hawaii is a popular vacation destination, you can expect to welcome guests from Europe, Australia, and Canada. All of these countries issue credit cards with embedded chips that require the card holder to enter their secure PIN number into an EMV capable credit card terminal. Our POS system allows guests to do this table side.  Your customers will be happy with your easy, secure payment process, and you won’t have to turn anyone away.

#3: Improved Accuracy

Handwritten tickets are a major cause of confusion between the floor and the kitchen. Bad handwriting, unfamiliar abbreviations, and messy tickets lead to mistakes on the line, delays in service, and unhappy guests. A robust POS system eliminates costly mistakes by improving communication between the front of the house and the kitchen.  A POS system also makes it easy to split checks, no matter what the customer requests.  You don’t need to worry about math errors or make guests do the work themselves. You can provide outstanding customer service quickly and accurately, with no extra work for you or your guests.

#4: Step Into the Future

These days, many Hawaii restaurants want new technologies like table side ordering and accepting mobile payments via an iPad. Table side ordering increases the average check and decreases the time it takes for food to be delivered to the guest. Table side ordering also increases table turns, allowing you to serve more customers and decrease wait time. By implementing a POS, you can use technologies like these right away, and you’ll be ready for other technology improvements that are sure to come. 

#5: Stay Connected From Far Away

Our system captures and records every sale, along with keeping track of employee’s hours and their actions on the POS system.  This allows you to know what’s happening even when you’re not on location. When you’re off site, use our helpful restaurant management tools and apps to keep an eye on the store. 

Interested in learning more? At ProTouch Systems, we customize our solutions just for you. As we discuss your business, we’ll assess which software options will best fit your needs. If you’re looking for a company that offers expert POS sales and technical support, credit card processing, and payroll services, then please give us a call, stop by our office, or fill out our online form. We can’t wait to talk to you about how we can assist you in growing your business.