Preventing Employee Theft with a POS System and Security Cameras

How to Prevent Employee Theft With a POS System & Security Cameras You’d like to believe that your employees are honest, hard-working, and loyal. No one wants to think badly of the people who work for them, people they see on a daily basis. It would be great if everyone in the world was honest and […]


Boost Sales with Restaurant Promotions

Increasing Sales with Restaurant Promotions If you’re in the restaurant business, you probably already know that good food and good service are only part of the equation for success. In order to get your customers to come taste what you have to offer, first you have to get them through the door. Our Restaurant Manager […]


How a POS System Fuels your Restaurant Business

Improving Restaurant Management & How a POS System Fuels the Business Managing a restaurant has so many moving parts that trying to do it effectively without a POS system is an inefficient use of a manager’s time and resources. The competition in the food services industry is fierce, as a manager, you need to use every tool […]


Why you are losing money with a cash register.

Still Using a Cash Register? Five Reasons to Implement a POS System at Your Restaurant If you’re still using a cash register for your Hawaii restaurant, you’re most likely doing yourself and your customers a disservice. But is a POS system worth the investment? Here are five reasons you should choose a POS system for your bar […]


Top 10 Reasons Point of Sale Systems are Better than Cash Registers

Not too long ago, cash registers were the only game in town. But these days restaurants and retailers have numerous choices of POS Systems. Replacing those antiquated cash registers with modern point of sale devices carries a number of important benefits. 1. Point of Sale Systems simplify the accounting process. Why spend hours every day/week/month going […]


What is EMV and why your restaurant needs it

Help protect your business against “Friendly Fraud.” By now you probably have at least one credit card in your wallet that has the new chip in it. You’ve also probably seen a number of these chip cards being presented by your customers for payment. The National Restaurant Association was initially advising members not to worry […]


Does my POS System have “Offline Mode?” – Questions to consider when buying a POS system

Operating in Offline Mode may save thousands of dollars, here’s why. This 4th of July weekend on the island of Maui, there was a vast brushfire that essentially shut down the one and only road going to and from the West Side for practically the entire day on Saturday. This is Island life. Due to […]